Buddhism of Russia (Narthang Bulletin) -1 (1992)



Narthang Bulletin

№1 (1992) 

Monthly, issue I (July) Editor-in-chief Dr.A.A.Terentyev, managing editor Dr.A.A.Diuranov. Address: Dr.A.A.Diuranov, P.O. Box 627, St-Petersburg, Russia, 190000; Tel: (812)-312-04-71, Fax: (812)-272-79-68. c Narthang publications. 100 copies. Price $ 2 over Russia subscribers including air mail.

NB is a monthly informational review of Buddhism on the territory of the former USSR published by the Russian branch of the Narthang Publications publishing house, which is a body of Information and Foreign Affairs Department of the Dalai Lama.

Any communications (up to 100 words in size) of Buddhistic groups and organizations subscribed to the bulletin are published by NB free of payment. The same applies to information on new publications on Buddhism sent to the bulletin. Full responsibility for the accuracy of information rests with its authors. Views of the latter may not coincide with the position of editorial board.

Buddhistic groups of all denominations are welcome to inform about themselves, their achievements and problems.

Subscription applications for 1993 are accepted.

NB needs sponsors for the further edition's improvement. We are in great need of a computer.

I. Russia visit of His Holiness.

In the middle of August, the present year, H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama will begin his visit to Russia. It is planned that H.H. will take part in the international conference "Facing Apocalypse III: the Charisma of Power and Holy War" in Moscow sponsored by Russian parliament (August, 16-19). Dr. Nawang Rabggal, a representative of H.H. has come to Moscow on the 15th of July in order to carry out preparations for the visit. At the end of September H.H. is going to visit Buryatia and Kalmykia. The program of visit includes teaching of Lamrim and developing of Bodhicitta.

II. The Nechung State Oracle's answer.

I. One of the main Protectors of Buddhism and Tibet, from the time of Guru Padmasambhava, is Pehar. One of the five most important manifestations of Pehar, Dorje Drakden, is accessible of the State Oracle of Tibet from the Nechung monastery.

The government and supreme clergymen make resort to Dorje Drakden for his advices quite often, and H.H. the Dalai Lama says that the prophecies are always true. While being in Dharamsala in April 1991, we applied the question for Dorje Drakden to the Oracle: "What should be done to remove obstacles to spreading Dharma in the USSR?"

The answer has reached us only a year later: [a Xerox copy of the letter]

"Hrih:! A very good means for this is to read studiously Dhvajagrakeyura and the six-syllable mantra-dharani of Arya Mahakarunika (i.e. Avalokiteshvara) over and over, as much as possible."

Buddhists of Petersburg have received the "lung" for Dhvajagrakeyura from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, and the six-syllable mantra OM-MA-NI-PAD-ME-HUM is known to everyone.

We call on everybody to join in executing Dorje Drakden's directions and to include these mantras in your daily practice. (M.Kozhevnikova, A.Terentiev).

IV. The New Head of Mongolian Buddhists.

It appeares that when in 1924 the People's Hural of Mongolia had asked the deceased head of the theocratic Mongolia Bogdo-Gegen not to be reincarnated any more, he did not listen and reincarnated in Tibet, though he was not officially recognized as an incarnate at that time. Nevertheless, according to tidings we received from Dharamsala, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has recently confirmed his status.

V. Visits.

An outstanding Teacher of Dzogchen Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche made a visit to our country. He was in Lithuania from the 19th to the 27th of May, in Riga from the 27th of May to the 10th of June, in Petersburg from the 11th to the 24th of June, then he stays in Moscow up to the 8th of July, after which he go to Buryatia and returns to Moscow on the 19th of July - and then leaved for Paris...

His sermon on Dharma - which Rinpoche taught in the most sincere manner, as is always characteristic of him - opened eyes of many.

The Dzogchen Community of Saint-Petersburg was founded instead of the Dzogchen-center "Sanjei-Ling" ("sanjei" is the Mongolian pronunciation of the Tibetan word "sangye", i.e. Buddha). More details about this visit will be contained in next issue of NB.

(Фото:) The Reverend Thubteng Ngoidub (left), the medium of the State Oracle, and Djebtsung Damba Rinpoche, the head of Mongolian Buddhists. 17.03.92.

VI. News form Communities.

1. "Center for Studying Philosophy and Psychology of the Far Eastern Mahayana Buddhism", being a part of the School of Philosophy and Sociology in the University of St. Petersburg, begins a two-year course of paid instruction, starting from October 1992. The program includes studying Chinese, Sanskrit, Buddhist texts and History of Buddhism, etc. On the 3-5 of June of the present year the center held a conference: "The Far Eastern Buddhism: its History, Philosophy and Psychology". The address: 199034, St-Petersburg, Mendeleev Line 5 (the faculty of philosophy, room No 130), tel. 218-94-22. (A.I.Migunov, E.A.Torchinov, K.Y.Solonin)

2. The religious community "The Light of Dharma" (chairman V.A.Druzhinin) is guided in its activities by traditions of the Chinese Buddhist School "Chan". At present the community has no Teacher-Holder of the Tradition. In April of this year the community and the abovestated center declared their intention to set up the St-Petersburg cultural and scientific society "Fo Guang" ("The Light of Buddha"). Similar societies exist in various countries of Asia and in the USA. The society having been founded, broad publishing activity is to be put into practice. The address: 197183, St-Petersburg, Primorskiy Av. 15. The address of the center may be used for correspondence as well (correspondence should be addressed to A.V.Shevchenko in this case).

3. The religious union "Buddhist House" has been founded in St-Petersburg. It aims at joining the efforts of representatives of various religious schools and foundations of Buddhism and of organizing spiritual guidance from the highly skilled Teachers. By now the study of Dharma, Tibetan language and meditation has already begun. Besides, the publishing department has been formed in "Buddhistic House".

In the nearest future the union plans:

- to invite Teachers for instruction for practice in Dharma;

- to create a retreat center in the envivons of St-Petersburg;

- to set up a Buddhist library;

- to develop cooperation with Buddhist centres in Russia and abroad;

- to render help and support to the Tibetan people.

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